Service Policy


Primary communication and the transfer of files are handled through EMAIL. Please be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders for any missed correspondence.

Still, phone consultations is always available to those clients who have secured DNT’s services.



DNT (DNT Dynamite Design) is responsible for:

  • Providing the requested service for graphic creation upon available resources and sufficient financial support.
  • Respecting the privacy of all clients and will never sell or trade personal information
  • Maintaining contact throughout the length of service time.


The CLIENT is responsible for:

  • Giving clear direction of service requested.
  • Providing service payment(s) on time.
  • Providing the accurate and approved/proofread information necessary to complete projects (text copy, reference images, etc.).
  • Ensuring that provided materials do not impose on any copyright or trademarks that have already been established by another company or organization and cannot hold DNT/DNT Dynamite Design liable if this proves to be true.
  • Indemnifying DNT/DNT Dynamite Design, holding DNT/DNT Dynamite Design harmless for any loss or expense (including attorney’s fees), and agreeing to defend DNT/DNT Dynamite Design in any actual suit, claim or action arising in any way from our working relationship.



  • Custom Illustrations – hand drawn or vector illustration of people, animals and objects used towards books, branding, marketing campaigns, editorials, personalized invitations, etc.
  • Business Identity & Marketing Design – professional quality logos, business cards, brochures, product branding, packaging, web graphics, websites, etc.
  • Product Branding Design – highly engaging artwork used on products intended for sale.



  • PRINTING – DNT acts as a liaison to acquire top quality print services on the client’s behalf. These items are printed by an outside vendor, therefore print services are an additional and separate charge determined by that vendor. Please allow at least 2 weeks to process any print orders and keep in mind that some printing is only available in a set quantity. Inquire within to learn more.
  • WEBSITE DESIGN & HOSTING – DNT no longer offers website design or hosting services.



Custom designs are individually priced to include research, labor, materials, design quality, turnaround time, output of finalized design files and specified usage rights.

This fee comes with at least ONE (1) mock sample and up to TWO (2) rounds of revisions towards completing the final design. After which, additional fees will incur to continue design work on any further changes requested by client. *Revisions are considered minor yet necessary changes to the concept/mock sample such as color changes, adding or removing elements, changing font styles, etc. You are able to make as many changes as needed in each round.

Logos are created in vector form and are released in the most common file formats of the day along with all copy and ownership rights.

Unless otherwise noted and with the exception of vector logos, all other design projects will be released in their FLATTENED state in the file formats fit for its intended use. UN-FLATTENED SOURCE FILES are available by request only.

Quotes and mock samples are based on information provided by the Client.

Issued estimates/quotes are valid only for 30 consecutive days!



Pricing information, a project start date and an estimated finish date will be given once sufficient information is received from the Client. DNT’s project completions average 2-4 weeks. However, website design and book illustration projects take much longer. If for some reason, DNT is unable to complete the project by the estimated finish date, the client will be notified well in advance.

A NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER IS REQUIRED TO SECURE DNT SERVICES and is usually 1/2 or 1/3 of total estimated cost.

The remaining payments are collected automatically by credit card deductions on net 30 & 60 days from date on initial invoice in order to receive finalized files.

Installments (payment plans) are welcomed, however projects along with any usage rights will not be released until the design is paid for in full. Projects awaiting full payment will reflect DNT’s watermark until remaining balance is $0.00

No Refunds are offered for services rendered.



By default, DNT/DNT Dynamite Design retains complete ownership of all illustrated works unless otherwise noted or if client pays the copyright transfer fee offered with each project.

DNT retains the right to showcase ALL created works in online and printed portfolios as well as promotional material for DNT Dynamite Design, LLC.

The grant of any license along with the transfer of any design files are conditioned upon receipt of full payment.

All design concepts, which were created in the design process and refused by the Client remains the property of DNT and can be used towards other projects.



PERSONAL USE – Client agrees that artwork is for a personal, one time/one instance use ONLY (such as for child’s birthday party invitations) and cannot be used or on items intended for resale, neither can it be used for business or commercial purposes. Illustration will be released in the most appropriate file and size for its intended use limited to JPG, GIF or PNG formats.

BUSINESS/COMMERCIAL USE – Client agrees that artwork is for professional, promotional and/or commercial use (such as on the company website or on items intended for resale). Illustration will be released in the most appropriate file and size for its intended use including vector (EPS, AI, PDF) and raster (PSD, JPG, PNG) based formats. Additional formats are available by request only. Client purchases usage rights with specified allowances and limitations to the final artwork as DNT/DNT Dynamite Design retains complete ownership of the design.



Client shall indemnify DNT/DNT Dynamite Design from any and all damages, liabilities, costs, losses, expenses or attorney fees arising out of any claim, demand, or action by a third party due to materials included in deliverables at the request of the Client.

The services and the work product of DNT/DNT Dynamite Design are sold “as is.” in all circumstances, the maximum liability of DNT/DNT Dynamite Design, its directors, officers, employees, design agents and affiliates (“designer parties”), to Client for damages for any and all causes whatsoever, and Client’s maximum remedy, regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, court or otherwise, shall be limited to the net profit of DNT/DNT Dynamite Design.

In no event shall DNT/DNT Dynamite Design be liable for any lost data or content, lost profits, business interruption or for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages arising out of or relating to the materials or the services provided by DNT/DNT Dynamite Design, even if DNT/DNT Dynamite Design has been advised of the possibility of such damages, and notwithstanding the failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy.



Complete terms & conditions are project specific and are provided with the finale estimate, quote and/or contract generated for each project in question.

By doing business with DNT/DNT Dynamite Design, LLC., you hereby agree to these terms.



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