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Super Cute Characters, Branding & Product Design

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Illustration + Branding Design Packages

There's nothing quite like having your project outfitted with the best design. Once your idea is set, get the visual help you need to proudly present your brand to the world:

Character Design
Character Design

Eye catching, exciting, and remarkably fun! A great way to add that “WOW” factor to your overall presentation.

  • 1 Character/Mascot Design
  • Head Only, Waist Up or Full Body Options
  • Based on Provided Photo References
  • Choose Pose, Hair Style, Clothing, etc.
  • Initial Concept Presented in Full Color
  • 1 to 2 Weeks Turnaround
  • Released in Vector & Raster Based Formats

Business Branding
Business Branding

Envisioning the end user’s experience with your product and/or service is the key to producing a great visual brand that sells itself.

  • Logo Development
  • Character Design
  • Original Patterns & Iconic Elements
  • Product Branding
  • Labels & Packaging Design
  • 1 to 4 Weeks Turnaround
  • Released in Vector & Raster Based Formats

<del>Children's Book</del>
Children's Book

Receive well crafted characters and detailed scenes to bring your beautiful words intended for the youngest of audiences to life.

  • Front and Back Cover Design
  • Full Color Internal Illustrations
  • Spot, Page & Spread Display Options
  • Text/Book Layout Formatting & Graphic Design
  • Minimum 12 Pages
  • 6 to 8 Months Turnaround
  • Two Art Style Options: Vector or Hand Drawn

Design Portfolio

A collection of bright and engaging artwork.

Created in Adobe Illustrator and/or Procreate.

Sunny Glasses
Travel Mug Art
Preschool Girl
Invitation Design
Travel Bag Design
Snowy Day
Illustrated Scene
Notebook Designs
Logo Design
Label Designs
Illustrated Scene
Business Card Design
Meet Your Illustrator

Hi, my name is Daveia Odoi

Pronounced "Day-Vee-Yah Oh-Doy", I'm a professional illustrator based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

DNT Dynamite Design, LLC

Established in 2008, DNT Dynamite Design describes my work in offering professional design services to various businesses, organizations, and individuals in need of high quality visuals.

My work speaks for itself in being clean, clear, functional and fun. It's the result of God given talent mixed with professional training, delivered in a spirit of excellence.

Meet Your Illustrator
Reviews and Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying

For over 12 years, it's been my esteemed pleasure to create for others. Check out these reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Recent Project
Recent Project

"Sweet Pea" Character Illustration

Working with hair care brand Ampro Industries, Inc. has been simply amazing! Their request was for an adorable, child friendly character illustration to represent their collection called 'Ampro's Beautiful Child' formulated with sweet pea protein.

  • Character Mascot Design of "Sweet Pea"

  • Coloring Book Cover and Internal Pages Design featuring "Sweet Pea" interacting with various children