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Daveia Odoi



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Illustrator + Branding Designer


Hi, I’m Daveia Odoi (pronounced “Day-Vee-Yah Oh-Doy”) and I’m an illustrator based in Georgia, USA.

I have over 18 years of experience in digital art, and through my business, ‘DNT Dynamite Design,’ I create images that celebrates the joy and beauty of my community. My focus is on crafting engaging character illustrations that accurately represent Black individuals while providing high-quality branding visuals to small businesses.

My art brand, ‘The DynaSmiles,’ extends this vision by offering a collection of stationery, apparel, and gifts featuring my array of happy Black characters. These products aim to spread joy and positive representation.

Both of my brands reflect my passion for creating art that inspires. Let’s work together to bring your ideas to life and add a touch of joy to your projects as well!

Client Work

Commissions from Small Businesses & Established Brands

The DynaSmiles®

Character Art Created for Commercial Success

Let’s Work Together

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Let’s embark on your next creative journey together! I’m available for design requests that focus on character illustration, visual branding of products as well as the occasional children’s book.