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Using a 4-step strategy so simple that even a 2nd grader could repeat it!

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Let me ask you a few questions…


Are you a creative who wishes to get back to doing what you love rather than figuring out the business side of things?


Are you still working full time yet feel frustrated because your side business isn't making enough money yet for you to quit?


Or, are you tired of feeling like your business is running in circles leaving you broke AND overworked when it should be moving forward?


If you said yes to any of those questions,

then what I have to offer will definitely benefit you a ton.


You'll discover the solution to all those questions above & much more.

Dear Fellow Creatives,


Daveia Odoi here. I’ve been designing professionally and selling my artwork online for over 8 years now and over that time I’ve gone through so much trial & error, resulting in me discovering TONS of valuable info about how to run a successful creative business.


Over time, the techniques I used got better & better to a point where I've been able to focus in on the exact strategies that work (and those that don't).


And the strategies that has worked for me has gained me sales, returning customers and news features like these for my brand @TheDynaSmiles:

Throughout all of this, I've received numerous "How'd you do that?" inquiries which has convinced me to share my knowledge with other creatives looking to do the same.


The result was a training which explained the 4 key strategies every creative entrepreneur needs to run a profitable business so you can get back to doing more of what you love.

Here's the Problem With Most Creative Businesses...


The term "starving artist" didn't come about by chance. There are PLENTY of starving artists who are great at what they do creatively but suck at generating enough profits to sustain their lives.


In order to reverse the inevitable, all creatives must learn how to do 4 key strategies to keep their businesses profitable:


  1. Charge What You're Worth
  2. Set Your Prices For Maximum Profits
  3. Market Your Genius, Creations & Services
  4. Close The Money Draining Holes


Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?


The entire process is a giant puzzle that I spent the last 8 years piecing together.


It starts with a particular mindset and ends with the actual steps that must be implemented to see progress.

Let me explain each of those 4 strategies briefly…


Charge What You're Worth

If you're a creative then you're literally trading your time for dollars and your time is worth A LOT so shouldn't your dollars match up? Think of it this way... you're pulling substance, life and beauty out of thin air which is no easy feat. If you're not charging enough to do what you love than you'll always be side hustling... or starving.


Set Your Prices For Maximum Profits

Knowing exactly how to set your prices can be a tricky game. Set them too low and you'll be out of business because you won't be able to make ends meet. Set them too high and your ideal customer will run to your competitor. With knowing exactly how to price your products and services, your ability to stay profitable is well within reach.


Market Your Genius, Creations & Services

Unless you didn't know it, you're in business to make a difference and solve a problem. Knowing how to present your unique skill set and expertise is what will help you get and stay ahead. If you're having trouble articulating that you're THE ONE then consider how beneficial this blueprint would be for you.


Close The Money Draining Holes

As a creative business owner, you're most likely juggling multiple hats which means you've probably missed or forgotten some things along the way. You may have overbooked your calendar. Or accepted your vendors rates as is because, well, you trust them. Or maybe you're blindly using words that cheapen your products & services, yikes! These examples may seem insignificant but we all know tiny issues add up to big problems if not handled. What if you could recognize how to protect your profits by preventing trouble rather than addressing it after the damage is done?





Honestly, if you're overlooking even 1 of these strategies, then your creative business is no business at all.

You my friend have an expensive hobby!


The reason creative entrepreneurs aren’t as successful as they could be is because they don’t incorporate all 4 strategies properly.


Many don't even realize that certain strategies are necessary and have been relying on their craft alone to make it through.


Trust me, you need more than just a creative gift to remain profitablie.


How else do you think I've been able to fire my boss and have my original collection of happy art sold in the US, UK & Ghana?





Here's the Solution...

Profit Proof Your Creative Business






In this training you'll receive 4 key strategies broken down into 13 lessons every creative entrepreneur needs to run a profitable business so you can get back to doing more of what you love.


Here's What's Inside (Lessons):

Know Your Costs

Set Your Prices

Negotiate With Vendors

Service Levels

Bundle Your Products

Set Limits

Speak With Confidence

Cheap Alert Words to Avoid

Ask For The Sale

Ask For Referrals & Testimonials

Income Streams

Direct Your Funds

Financing Options

BONUS! Automate Your Sales Process

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Video Course

This masterclass is presented through an in-depth 4-part video course plus an extra bonus module.

Printable Notes

The entire course is laid out in an easy to follow guide to keep up with each lesson.

Audio Version

Training also includes a downloadable audio version so you can listen to the course while on the go!

How Can This Help You...


The Profit Proof Your Creative Business masterclass is extremely useful to creative entrepreneurs or service providers (freelancers, artists, writers, crafters, etc) who are struggling to run a profitable business.


If you’re just starting out...

You can utilize the information inside to take your business off from the ground straight away & achieve great results right from the start.


If you’ve been going at it for some time...

You can go through this and extract the critical points and powerful tips to help you boost your business once implemented. This training will help you become much more profitable if you follow it.





Simple, easy to understand & to-the-point

Comes in a 4-part in-depth video series

Includes printable notes of the entire course

Includes a downloadable audio file

Instant delivery (anywhere & anytime)





Pricing Made Simple

Proven Methods for Packaging Products & Services

New Sales Vocabulary

Customer Expectation Strategies

Introduction to Automation

What People Are Saying...


"Wish it were longer! Loved how the content was totally relatable and easy to understand."


"Thank you for sharing you did not have to but you did. I recently stepped back from my side business. This will help me regroup."


"My biggest eye opener was Strategy 1 and Strategy 3. Makes so much sense! All of the strategies were very helpful!"

Step Inside!

I'm 100% confident that after you apply the information taught in the Profit Proof Your Creative Business Masterclass, you'll be on track to earn and retain more in your business. And I want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to invest in this opportunity to grow as a better creative entrepreneur.


So this one is really simple. I'm taking away all of the risk.


If after 90 days, you don't feel I've delivered on this promise, simply send me an email and I'll happily refund 100% of your money.

If you're ready to make dollars and sense out of your business so you can get back to your craft then this training is just what you need.

Daveia Odoi
Branding & Business Strategist


Profit Proof Your Creative Business

Presented by Daveia Odoi


Daveia Odoi is a branding & business strategist with over 10 years experience in creating brands that shine through her company DNT Dynamite Design LLC, a full service illustration & branding studio based in New Jersey, USA.


She’s also the creator of “The DynaSmiles by DNT” which is her original collection of happy art sold in the US, UK & Ghana (West Africa) and has been highlighted by Essence, BET and Black Enterprise.


When not creating, Daveia shares her knowledge of branding and business through brand coaching, leading workshops and teaching courses online.

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