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Learn How With Daveia Odoi, Your Visual Branding Advisor

Don't be Afraid to

Step Out there!

Your innovation, creativity, expertise and tremendous value are what people in this world need and will gladly pay for.


However, if you can't present the value of your product or service quickly then you'll lose the opportunity to make a lasting impact on your target audience due to their short attention span which is growing shorter and shorter by the second. And if they can't see you're the answer to their prayers they will go looking elsewhere.


In order to seize your moment you have to be willing to stop them in their tracks. Meaning, you have to be ready to shine brighter by developing a strong and recognizable brand. Don't know how to do that? Then you're in the right place!

Here are 3 Paths You can take to Create a STRONG & RECOGNIZABLE BRAND


Get Instant Training Through Online Courses & Downloadable Resources

If you're a quick learner who's looking for easy to digest tips and tools to grow your creative business then this path is for you. Start here today to access practical resources to light up your brand.


Get Personalized Branding & Online Business Coaching

Ideal for women in business who are creatives, coaches &  entrepreneurs seeking guidance on how to effectively grow their brand and refine their marketing strategies, especially online.


Get Professional Grade Illustration, Branding & Marketing Design

For the serious entrepreneur and established small business owner who's ready to upgrade their visual presentation in the marketplace. Receive high quality branding design to better attract and engage your ideal client.

Hi, I'm Daveia Odoi and I work with creative entrepreneurs to build beautiful and profitable brands from the start because I enjoy watching them share their gifts with the confidence great branding can bring.


With a wide array of products & services available throughout this site, my goal is to help you attract, engage and convert  your ideal client with ease.

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